My mother remembers her father’s death, April 10.

My grandpa, Adolph Bachman, was much beloved, and is much missed by me. I remember t00-26 years ago I was in my second year of law school, back at the apartment, when I heard the message my mom left informing me of his death. Here is what mom had to say today:

Today, April 10, brought a special memory back to me.  26 years ago, my Dad died.  You may remember that he LOVED Martins and made houses for them.  He often donated them to nursing homes and others.  When my mom, my sister and I were in the funeral home arranging for his funeral, the Administrator of the Lennox nursing home came in to tell us a special story.  He said that when Daddy gave him the Martin house, he instructed him to have it cleaned and ready to put up on April 10 as that’s the day the Martins will return.  He looked out and sure enough, the Martins were coming back.  Then he heard on the radio that our Dad died that same day and he saw that we were at the funeral home and he came to tell us that story.  We were so thrilled.  It made the day happier.  When the funeral director asked us what kind of flowers we wanted for his coffin, we looked at each other and said  “He wasn’t a flower person. What shall we do?”  The director said another choice could be wheat.  Our hearts were again happy.  He was definitely a wheat person. So his coffin and his grave had wheat for the birds to enjoy.
    Thanks for sharing this love memory with me.