The passing of Lucille Haugen

The past week has brought a grim harvest. While attending the funeral service of a childhood neighbor, Kathy Krug, my ex-mother in law, Lucille Haugen was struggling in her final illness. She died today. I don’t say this lightly, but I believe her to have been a saint. Unfailingly kind, loving, generous, and a wonderful cook. May the Lord bless her, keep her, make his face shine upon her, be gracious unto her, and bring her peace.

Green Salted Sea-Dog Skins

When I worked at the Soo Line railroad in the early 1980s, programmers would occasionally browse the government-provided commodity master file for amusing entries. The one I recall was ‘Salted Sea-Dog skins, green’. Those more knowledgable about railroad operations explained to me that ‘green’ meant unpickled or uncured.

My banner photo

My banner photo was taken by a camera on a balloon that went as high as 100,000 feet. My son Anthony, and classmates, launched several high altitude balloons with sensors and cameras as part of a research project (Minnesota Space Grant) for engineering students at the University of Minnesota. In the manner of Icarus, the balloons would rise until the atmospheric pressure became so low that they would pop. The balloon’s payload contained a GPS transmitter, and a carload of students and advisors would follow the balloon and locate its payload once it fell to earth.


Shawn: “Gus, why are you hassling the lemur?” Gus: “He started it!” TV Series Psych

“Are you really crying, or did you just pull a hair out of your nose?” Carla from Cheers