The Remarkable Criminal Financial Career of Charles Ponzi

Link: The Remarkable Criminal Financial Career of Charles K Ponzi, Copyright © 1993- 2019 Mark C. Knutson (PDF)

I commend you to the results of my research into the 1920’s Swindler Charles Ponzi. I began this out of curiosity, looking in the case name reference in the Hennepin County Law Library, and learned that Mr. Ponzi was a frequent guest in the pages of appellate case reports in various federal and state jurisdictions. I also filed a Federal Freedom of Information request and received information about Ponzi’s adventures with the Immigration and Naturalization service.

I welcome suggestions and corrections about my Ponzi essay are welcome and often incorporate them into the document. Thanks to folks for all of the positive comments, and those few corrections.

Charles Ponzi

I have had a number of requests from academic types, and other authors, asking permission to include this in course materials, which I routinely grant as long as they credit my authorship. I reserve all rights, and my permission is required to reprint, quote, or distribute this essay.

I get a lot of questions from people who are wondering if some investment is a Ponzi scheme. Sorry, but I have only taken the time to research Charles Ponzi; I don’t make pronouncements on other schemes. I do hope that reading about this one Ponzi Scheme helps people to be skeptical and use their own judgement when they think an investment or sales scheme may not have a sound financial foundation.

Another common question is “do I have a Ponzi coupon?” Regrettably, I do not. If anybody does, I would love to discuss buying it or getting a copy.

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