A weak Spanish Prisoner con

I had been explaining the Spanish Prisoner con to my son Anthony, and just received this clumsy one today. Upon receipt of a better one, I will post that. I will lay out the elements of the con so that they can be recognized in this one. The big picture of a Spanish Prisoner is that the mark (target of the con) is to be persuaded to send money to the con-man (prisoner) for the purpose of putting banking mechanism in place to facilitate the transfer of the promised millions of dollars. A variation is paying money to help said prisoner escape from prison in his home country, or escape from the country himself.

The psychological key to this con (in addition to the normal incitement of greed in the mark) is to give the mark the sense that they are in a special position of power vis-a-vis the prisoner. In the past this might be accomplished better by arranging for the mark to find a letter, purportedly the only one the prisoner was able to send from prison. The mark would then believe it was their fortune to be the only life-line for the prisoner.

Now the prisoner-only lifeline link in this letter is weak, but nonetheless addressed. The mark has been selected from a business directory of reputable businessmen. While a mark may realize that they are not in such a directory, their greed may inspire them to discreetly not bring this mistake to the attention of the prisoner. You will note in this letter that the prisoner claims he will work exclusively with the mark unless the mark declines.

This contains the normal grammatical errors and archaic word choices that indicate a letter written by a non english speaker. The writer of this one is so lazy that they don’t even include the mark’s name or country in the letter, undercutting the claim that they have been selected specifically–the key to this con. While no doubt there will be claims of money to follow for a mark who responds, at the very least the first interchange will involve the mark providing their demographic information to the prisoner. Text is below:


Firstly, i must apologies for barging into your mailbox without formal introduction of myself to you, actually, I got your contact information from a reputable business/professional Directory of your country which gives me assurance of your legibility as a person while trying to get a good and capable business person in your country for business and investment purposes, this why without wasting any time i am seeking a decision maker to grab my offering $64,000,000 ,Yours free! With some simple conditions you will need to follow and work closely with me, you can’t say my generous offer of 50% $64,000,000 a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Have i got your attention?

Let me introduce myself I am the Senior Programme Manager with the United Nation Development Program in the Asia Pacific Region with UNDP,I am the person directly responsible to answer to the board of directors to UNDP on monthly meetings, My special role is to evaluate all contract appraisals and the approvals to foreign contractors, As you are aware i am the Senior Project manager ANSWERING TO THE PRINCIPLE DIRECTORS OF UNDP i got sick of answering to stubborn management i decided to deploy early retirement, this is where our deal begins to work for you and me .Under my strict supervision you will be working closely with me directly, I am letting you to my finding, during routine supervision over foreign contracts; i noticed a series of over invoiced contracts that amassed to $128,000,000,here comes the advantage you have, I have successfully secured the sum of $128,000,000 One hundred and twenty eight million US Dollars, I want us to work closely together and enable to transfer the total amount of$128,000,000,to your business account, As i have highlighted to you before i am more than willing to share 50% with you for your efforts and assistance, It’s worth $64,000,000 to you Division 1 Lottery!

My question to you is do you want to be a millionaire all you need do is assist me on what is Required you get $64,000,000,upon the success of the transfer we shall form a partnership and invest my share with yours into blue chip investments, As a result of this obviously i will have to surrender my position with UNDP, Then immediately afterwards make provision to relocate my family to your country, Now i hope you understand everything is transparent all things my side are perfected at this point all you need is to follow

my directives.

Accept the $128,000,000 into your business account bearing in mind it’s a 50-50 deal. I will require UN undertaking from you that you will not run of with the $128,000,000 Driven by greed. On this basis i will agree to assist you transfer smoothly to your account $128,000,000 that at that point in time, call it winnings or compensation is your choice it’s the $64,000,000 dollar question.


1) Full Name
2) Full Address
3) Age
4) Sex
5) Home Telephone
6) Mobile Phone
7) Active Email Account
8) Fax Number
9) Business Number
10)Business Address
11)Current occupation status
12)Country of Origin

Also be informed that this transaction will take us 15 working days to accomplish beginning from When i receive your Data, after you have assumed the position of foreign contractor to UNDP .I will Also file an application in the UNDP headquarters & secure the necessary approval and letter of Clearance .you is a Contractor to UNDP & a favor of movement of funds to an account that will be Provided by you, this process is 100% risk free as i have set out all the modalities to see that a legalized method is used because then i will prepare all the necessary documents, Please note that utmost secrecy and confidentiality is required at all times during this transaction, Once the funds have been transferred into your nominated bank account we shall share ratio of 50% for me, 50% for you, If you are not interested please delete this proposal, so that i can look for another competent partner to conclude this above mentioned transaction, Should you be interested please send me your full details as stated above . I would prefer that you reach me on my private
number: +60166324907

Your earliest response to this email will be appreciated.

Best Regards

Mr Kevin Hor
Senior Programme Manager  to UNDP

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