Red Tailed Hawk dines on Rabbit

When I got home today, I was excited to note a hawk eating some sort of critter on the ground in my south woods. I was hoping it was eating a pest of a squirrel that has been gnawing on my garage, and was a bit disappointed to learn the prey is a rabbit–which is also a pest in terms of eating flowers and decorative plants.

I have seen this hawk around my house before, as noted in an earlier post. His body is about the size of a large duck. One of the most distinctive features I see is white feathered legs, and the underbelly is for the most part white as well. An expert in Raptors has identified the bird as a young Red Tailed Hawk.

The bird saw me taking the picture through the living room window glass and was nervous, but was reluctant to cut short the meal. After it finished with the rabbit, I got a photo of it on a tree. It stands about two feet tall, including the tail.

Red Tailed Hawk eating a rabbit

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