Disrespecting the Sweet Science for 7 seconds

I hope my sons treasure the memory of times I took them to professional boxing matches as much as I do. Its impossible to convey how proud I was showing up at fights with my two man posse–both of them taller than me.

We want to one boxing event at the St Paul Armory some years ago. On one of the undercard fights there was a bit of humorous controversy. The now highly accomplished super middleweight Phil “The Drill” Williams was matched with some clown from Iowa. Dude entered the ring wearing only some shorts style underwear made out of cartoon character print. The ref would not let him fight in his undies and sent him back to the locker room. Dude emerged a bit later and had somehow gotten a boxing groin protecter on underneath his comic strip underwear.

Well, this was still extremely disrespectful, and the ref didn’t like it, but I guess he got the nod from the promoter Tony Grygelco, and the ref agreed to let it go forward. Dude was exhibiting all sorts of arrogant, and disrespectful behavior, much to the amusement and derision of the crowd.

Well, the bell rang and dude charged Phil. I thought it was the first punch Phil threw, but my sons said it was his second one, and cartoon dude took a canvas ride. The crowd loved it. I think the official disposition of the fight was KO seven seconds into the first round. Phil deserved better opponents, and he got them in subsequent fights.

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