The ultimate Torch Song

Casting subtlety to the wind, Julie London’s powerful ‘Cry Me a River’, from 1955, is in my judgement the finest Torch Song ever. Originally written for Ella Fitzgerald to sing in a 1920 movie, her performance ended up on the cutting room floor and did not appear in the released movie. There has been talk that Julie’s performance was so powerful that Ella cancelled her plans to record and release a performance of it in the mid 1950s.

Who among us hasn’t hoped, at some moment of despair, that an ex of some sort will come crawling back on their hands and knees, and allow us the angry pleasure of conveying the sentiment of this song?

Wicki reveals that this song has been covered more times than a bed at an hourly rate motel, including improbable performances by Aerosmith, Jeff Beck, and some so odd that I am afraid to watch them in youtube. I will leave us with this wonderful 1964, performance with the queen of sultry putting an errant lover in his place.

Anybody who wants to see more of Julie London can watch her playing nurse Dixie McCall in reruns of the forgettable 1970s ambulance/ER drama Emergency (Produced by her ex-husband Jack Webb of Dragnet fame).


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