The Steadfast Patrolman

I recall having lunch with a retired police officer a few years ago. He recounted this story from his early days as a patrolman and husband.

He was on routine patrol late one night when he noticed some sort of disturbance at a motel. A woman in a fur coat was standing outside the door of a motel room yelling. Then she hopped in her car and sped off. I think she was driving a cadillac convertible, but that may be my embelleshment. He pulled her over for speeding and when he got to her car, a stunningly beautiful young woman tearfully recounted how she had a big argument with her husband on her wedding night. She then asked if she could get out of the speeding ticket, and opened her fur coat, revealing she was completely nude underneath. He took it in for a second and said “Please leave, right now!” I got the sense he was worried about how long his conscience could restrain his passions if she stuck around.

After a long and wonderful marriage, his wife died, and he never married again. A modest and faithful man, I am proud to count this patrolman among my friends.

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