The regrettable events surrounding the discussion of Rodd v. Rodd Electrotype

Piling through appellate opinions is generally a dry and plodding business, and corps (law student slang for Corporations class) was no exception, so it didn’t take much out of the ordinary to liven things up. Corps was held in a 90 seat amphitheater type classroom. The day we reviewed Rodd Electrotype, I was sitting on the right hand side of the room. Well, we get into the facts of a case involving the Rodd family, shareholders in a family business, and the student presenting the case notes that the plaintiff’s name is Harry Rodd. So I lean over to the guy next to me and say “Gotta love this guy’s name.” He did a quick laugh-snort and we left it at that.

Then I see over on the left side of the room a classmate (A very successful real estate lawyer in Florida today) whispering to the guy next to him, probably something along the same lines. But they don’t leave it at that. In fact, they appeared to have gotten themselves giggling and could not stop. It was contagious, and pretty soon the whole left wing of the room is laughing, and the Professor is looking up asking what was so funny–he wants in on the joke. Nobody enlightened him, and the class calmed down and returned their attention to the tawdry affairs of the Rodd family.

[The case was in a casebook and I can’t find it today in the appellate reports, though I do note a related case, Donoghue v. Rodd Electrotype at 328 N.E.2d (1975), with Harry among the litigants.]

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