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  • Home Stereo Basics for Engineers, Part 2
    Last post we laid some groundwork, the most important concept is to think about different types of amplifiers connected together internally or with RCA cables. Let’s start thinking about the input selector knob at a deeper level, which is essential for teeing up Part 3. When we have a simple receiver, its simple to operate […]
  • Home stereo basics for Engineers, Part 1
    I prepared this for my son, and he suggested a series of blog posts, so here it is. This information is designed to understand the signal flow and signal levels inside of a stereo receiver, or a sound system with multiple components. This is for consumer retail stereo. There are different electrical standards for Pro […]
  • Tale of two op amps
    Dipping my toe into solid state electronics after all these years of working with tubes… I ordered a few op amps and a non-inverting amp circuit board with a socket which can accomodate various 8 pin dual op amps. The circuit board is set for a voltage gain of something like 5/6 times the input […]