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  • Hiwatt Electronics
    I have been working on my Biacrown 50 watt Hiwatt head and looking at it pretty closely with my new 4 channel scope. Since I bought it, it has been updated as follows: 2012: Replaced power electrolytics. These are not easy to find for the high voltages involved and I was able to find some […]
  • Grandpa’s property ownership in Lennox, South Dakota
    When I was born, my grandparents Bessie and Adolph, on my mother’s side, lived in Lennox, South Dakota. As a child, my brother and I visited them a few times a year, and spent a week or so at their house which was my parent’s vacation. We used to sleep in the summer on their […]
  • SQL Server Recompile Hint saves the day
    It’s not often that I have the opportunity to use an SQL Server technique for the first time. Recently I was able to dramatically improve the query performance of a stored procedure by using the WITH RECOMPILE option. It started out as a real head-scratcher. Even though I just revealed The Spoiler, let me lay […]