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Welcome to my Web Site. While I have many aspirations for this site, at present it consists first of a short essay I wrote about the 1920s swindler who's eponymous financial fraud presented such timeless and compelling ideas that they have become the very basis for our national government and banking system.

After some years of regrettable benign neglect, I have made some great changes to the site. Most importantly, I have converted the four html pages containing my Ponzi essay into a single PDF document. This will make it much more attractive to print and hand out for instructional purposes. I have also restored the critical apparatus contained in the original document I wrote, before I converted it to a web site. The apparatus consists over over 190 footnotes referring to the New York Times articles, appellate court reports, and other references I used when preparing the essay.

March 2012: At long last, I have put together a some blog software and will start posting the reminiscences, and inane recounting of my mundane daily activities, that makes social media such a pox on our culture. I am doing this primarily at the urging of my youngest son who misses my online presence after I quit donating my demographic information to advertisers and spammers under the auspices of a certain prominent social networking website.

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